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Scalp & Agfan Treatment Refill
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Must Know


  95%natural ingredients

  Extracts from 19 botanical ingredients




As backed by science, the Lapidem Scalp Care Conditioner cleanse the scalp by exfoliating dead skin cells to strengthen the foundation for a beautiful hair to grow on, promoting hair growth by tackling the root.

• Anti-aging properties to strengthen the root of the hair

• Exfoliate the scalp with microscopic sea sponge spicules



Ingredients & Features




Sea sponge spicules are various tiny spiny structures, created from calcium composite which comes from Spongilla Lacustris, a marine animal that not many people know. These miniature needles which are too small to be seen by naked eye will act like many tiny massagers massaging your scalp whilst removing chemical residue from colouring agents and hair styling products.



This ingredient is referred as amazing “cure-all” herb which refers here as suitable for all scalp type and hair condition. It has great anti-inflammatory functions especially for itchy and acne scalp, it can also stimulate micro circulation of micro vessels that supply nutrients to our hair follicles which will improve our hair texture ultimately.



A natural 5a-reductase inhibitor that helps fighting hair loss without exposing to the possible side effects that cause by drugs, it has great ability stimulating new hair growth and strengthening the existing ones. 





Complete Routine Video





How To Use


Step 1 :

Wring out excess water after washing for easy application 

Step 2 :

Apply the scalp treatment on your entire scalp by using your finger tips to rub it in 

Step 3 :

Apply firm pressure using your fingers to massage the scalp in upward motion, starting from hair line towards the crown of the head. Repeat for 10 times

Step 4 :

Wait for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly till you don’t see much bubbles






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