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How To Have Perfect Hair Curls In 10 minutes

28 Aug 2018

Having trouble to curl your hair with tongs or rather it is damaging your hair because of the heat ?


With Sassy hair roller, you may now have  beautiful curls in just 10 minutes. It is super easy to use, just curl your hair up and secure with clips; you can do your make up while waiting for the curls to form and let it down when you are ready to go.   


Step 1 :

Before you start curling, you can prep your hair with some lightweight styling lotion or curl lotion to give your hair some texture so that it will make the curls last longer

Step 2 :

Dry your hair completely or at least 90% with hair dryer; the tip is the dryer is our hair the easier to set the curls.


Step 3 :

Brush your hair thoroughly so that it will not tangle together.



Step 4 :

Once the roller heats up,you may start to curl your hair from the top, it will give you more volume when it’s done.


Step 5 :

Use the Velcro roller to set your fringe while you are trying to finish rolling the rest of parts; you will create volumize and light weight air fringe once you are done.



Step 6 :

Divide your hair into two sections.

Step 7 :

Place the roller from the end of hair and start rolling inwards the end of root; secure it with the butterfly clip.

Continue section by section, until you finish one side.



Step 8 :

Repeat on the other side to you finish.

You can continue with your make up or attend to other stuffs while waiting for the curls set.


Step 9 :

Hair Tips: Use the back of your hair dryer to approach the rollers, the curls will be form faster once they met with cool air.

Step 10 :

Remove the rollers once at a time, starting “first set first remove basis”.

Once they're all removed, run your fingers through your hair from roots to ends to loosen the curls so that it will look more natural.





Sassy Hair Roller ~ Luscious Hair Has Never Been So Easy



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