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01 Mar 2019





How do I find out about this brand


Hey sassy people, my name is Vivien and welcome to Vivien’s Beauty Whims. Today, we are going to talk about the best hair care that I have ever used.  Not that we are having it at our shopping site but many facts and findings behind this beautiful brand.






I met the founder of Lapidem, MsYukiko Kondo last year in Japan. She invited me to her spa in Tokyo and I had the most amazing face and hair spa.  Not only I enjoyed the technique but the products used were simply great. So I fell in love with Lapidem there and then. I was actually there looking for Japanese skin care and never had the intention to introduce hair care at my skin care site but this hair care range is simply irresistible !

Firstly the entire Lapidem hair care is free from most chemicals you will find in our daily hair care like paraben, SLS, silicone, mineral oil, synthetic colors and so this simply means it is very safe to use it especially we use it almost everyday! So my entire family is using it including my little girl, Elisha.









There's plenty of chemical free hair care too so what's the difference?

The process of making Lapidem hair care is totally back by science, it’s contain of 95% of natural ingredients.

Some of these ingredients we may have heard about it like, argan oil, jojoba oil, ginger extract which can improve dandruff condition and relieve follicle blockage.





And other unique ingredients like Natural Sea Sponge which is great for blood circulation as they are tiny structures which  help to massage our scalp. Others like Arnica Flower Extracts, Japanese Camelia Flower Oil, are great to repair damage hair as they have strong UV absorption properties.








These range has more than 20 types of beautiful ingredients which are so essential to keep our hair and scalp heathy.







What is the difference between natural hair care and organic hair care ?


Organic hair care are chemicals free and contain eco certified ingredients which can be costly and limited selection of formulation ingredients.

So you will notice, most organic hair care products have similar ingredients as only known ingredients are worth to be certified. On the other hand, natural hair care are chemicals free up to 90% or more and contain natural ingredients that are natural but not eco certified. Usually it’s very functional as it is not limited by the formulation and contain many types of ingredients.




My hair originally was oily as my scalp is oily and it’s thinning ever since after my child birth especially. And I suffered a genetic disorder that I started to have grey hair since young and now most of my hair is grey but I colored it anyway.  Every 3-4 weeks so my hair texture is very dry due to frequent coloring. So to me, grey hair is better than no hair so I was very particular about my hair care since forever.

The first thing that I noticed is my scalp is no longer that oily and flat looking.  Besides, I have much lesser hair fall than before.  So I was very pleased with the products and am like the number 1 fan !










This is due to the shampoo is SLS free so it doesn’t stripe off my natural moisture of my scalp because most shampoos do and causing our scalp to produce oil for protection. 

So the more that you wash hair with SLS shampoo, the more oily your scalp became, the more your hair will fall and the silicone and mineral oil in conditioner could make your scalp and hair conditions less healthy thus preventing hair growth



So I do hope that is you could give this amazing products here.




"Being obsessed with health as well as beauty care, Vivien's concern revolves around maintaining a healthy well-being through food, physical activities and product selection. After all, beauty shines from within."








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